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Due Date

The due date for abstract submission is April 28th, 2019. (final deadline extension)


Sessions list


1. Archaeology

The archaeology session is intended to gather works in archaeological science, either involving radiocarbon analysis or giving insights on how this technique could contribute to a broader understanding of the topic. Studies performed in archaeological sites in Latin America are very welcome but research involving sites in other parts of the world are also of great value and will contribute to the exchange of knowledge.

2. Environmental studies

This session is designed for research involving the application of radiocarbon measurements in environmental studies, either as a dating method or as an environmental tracer. The aim is to share the different approaches and results in these studies, coupling radiocarbon to different proxies and techniques.

3. 14C facilities in Latin American: status report

The first complete 14C-AMS facility in Latin America was created in 2012, and soon thereafter, a second one was established. Compared to the ca. 40 years of 14C-AMS worldwide, these laboratories are considerably young. However, in Latin America there are also 14C facilities that have been applying other techniques for a long time. In this session we want to learn more about 14C laboratories in general, hear about their history and the challenges they have overcome and share experiences and accomplishments over their years of existence.

5. Other radiocarbon applications

For this session, we invite contributions on topics that do not fit the other sessions. These include forensics and biomedical studies, authenticity tests and biogenic fraction determination in renewable materials.

4. Calibration and modelling

Calibration and modelling are two hot topics in many studies involving radiocarbon analysis. In this session, scientists will be given the chance to show their approaches and results involving calibration records, regional offsets, as well as model-based approaches to chronological studies and data simulations.

Abstract Length

The abstracts are limited to 250 words, plus references. You are allowed to submit as many abstracts as you wish.


Presentation Type

Abstracts can be submitted for oral or poster presentation.

Please notice that there will be no parallel sessions, so the number of oral presentations is limited. For this reason, oral presentations may be changed to poster.



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